Le Stanze del Sè

“Le stanze del sé” is a system of coaching support towards relationship, affective and emotional uneasiness both in professional and life contest. We support people to recognize and manage the difficulties and to realize themselves through a psychological and physical equilibrium.

It’s organized by two steps:

1 Diagnosis-awareness “the seven doors”: (this is common to all different paths) it is finalized to develop a check-up of the individual psychological state. It is also usefull to understand the mechanisms and the main causes of emotional, behavioural or relationship blocks.

2 Decision-intervention: it’s the coaching path itself based on the results of the previous step and finalized to give awarness and tools to enhance the strenght and potentiality both in individual  and  group routes.

Main area of action – different forms of discomfort or improvement goals regarding the people daily spheres.

The route helps to build the realization of themselves through 4 kinds of areas: