Followership: an important soft skill for working in complex organizations

Not everybody can be a leader. Sometimes one has to lead, other times one needs to follow a boss. But being an effective follower is not so simple, the follower role is as hard as the leader role. Followership can be defined as the ability to work within an organization, in order to reach common goals under the direction of the leader, while maintaining independent thinking.

The research which explains followership is extensive. The majority says that the most relevant skills a follower should have are Continua a leggere


Destiny like a relationship between…horses

Destiny like a relationship between…horses

I was reading a book…yesterday I saw this part. I liked it and completely agree with the author! So I give you just a few lines to reflect about “how much can I be in control of my life?” or “which horse wins?”

Enjoy reading:

“Destiny, I feel, is also a relationship: half of it you have no control over; half of it is absolutely in your hands. Man (or woman) is neither entirely puppet of the gods, nor is he entirely the captain of his own destiny; he’s a little of both.

We gallop through our lives like circus performers balancing on two speeding side-by-side horses – one foot is called “fate”, the other on the horse called “free will”.

And the question you have to ask every day is, Continua a leggere


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