Let’s create harmony between your brain and your heart

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Our services


Elidea’s work is completely focused on the specific needs of every client both individuals and organizations.

Each activity starts with a complete need analysis session; below the main activity categories:

  • Soft skills Training 
  • Stress risk assessment
  • Work related stress
  • Organizational consulting
  • Recruitment and selection process
  • Assessment center for individuals and groups


We support people to increase their well-being in all the significant contest of lifetime.  In particular through the coaching paths we deal with: individual increasing goals, mental and physical health, relationship quality improvement, supporting the career development and going through emotional blocks

Our work tools are:

  • Vocational guidance
  • Professional orientation
  • Masters and Post-graduate specilizations
  • Professional coaching 
  • Human resouces development


It is a psychological coaching method which supports people in their emotional and relational distress. Our method is based on the Mental Coach and the Life Coaching.
We help people to deal with difficulties and to promote their self-fulfiment.
Using this method, the person can achieve a psycho-physical balance and learn to cope with emotional blocks and behavioural dysfunction.

“STANZE DEL SE’ “: 4 focus

The “road-map” of this approach concerns the below focus:

  • Psycho-physical health
  • Relationship and feeling
  • Emotional blocks
  • Career development

Our History

“Fate shuffles the cards … we play” Arthur Schopenhauer

Elidea has a rich 11-year history, which began on 21st March 2006, when Andrea Mazzeo and Enrica Piermattei founded it.
The founders are both Psychologists and have a strong background in Human Resources Management and Development.

The corporate structure of Elidea, typical of the “professional firms”, facilitates sharing ideas, passions and ways to work between its professional team.
Each Elidea’s consultant specialized in giving psychological support to people and firms but in all the different fields of Work and Organizational Psychology and Human Resources Management.
We also specialized in providing coaching services both in professional-executive and personal-life contests.

During the last years, we significantly enhnced our client and partner network. We meet very different types of firms (in Italy and in Europe), private and public organizations, national and international companies, from different market sectors. We also orient and guid young generations form the study world to the work world in partnership with various Italian Universities.

Today Elidea is a reliable, professional team which works in the following jobs fields : training courses on management and soft skills, e-learning and outdoor training,  recruitment and selection processes, assessment centers, organizational consulting and work related stress analysis.

Based on our over 20 years of experience in executive and life coaching, we also support people to increase their well-being at work and during the life-time.

Our Mission

“Let’s create harmony between your brain and your heart”

Our work starts from there. The primary purpose of the Elidea’s work is increasing the psychological and professional well-being of people and organizations through cognitive and emotional psychological interventions.

Our mission is:
Working with all our partners to create a productive and positive environment, through enhancing professional skills, motivation, ability and talent of people.
Improving to improve awareness among people about the importance of working on ourselves. Furthermore we support individuals to express their potential and to achieve their personal and professional goals.
Supporting to support the awareness of young people about their strenght and weaknesses, in order to realize theimselves thuogh a fitting career.